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United States defense contractors willingly put themselves at risk of danger in foreign places as part of their everyday jobs. While these contractors provide important support for the U.S. military in many different countries, many contractors come back to the U.S. having been through some traumatic experiences. This can result in post-traumatic stress disorder for many, which can cause many problems in their lives and require extensive treatment. 

Defense Base Act (DBA) coverage exists to provide benefits for contractors who are injured overseas, similar to workers’ compensation coverage for domestic workers. DBA insurance should cover both physical injuries and mental injuries, such as PTSD. However, many contractors find that their DBA claims arising from PTSD are being denied, which can only make the contractor’s situation worse. 

If your claim for PTSD was denied, you should seek help from an experienced DBA attorney at the Mara Law Firm right away.

Understanding PTSD

Traumatic events can disrupt our lives, and it is natural to feel shaken or on edge following trauma. However, most people start to improve and get back to normal after a few days or weeks. Others, however, experience ongoing and disruptive symptoms that might worsen and severely limit their daily activities. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that some people develop after a traumatic event. This will not go away like normal feelings of distress, but the symptoms can persist and take different forms. Some effects of PTSD include:


  1. Avoidance of anything that reminds you of the event
  2. Triggers that cause realistic flashbacks
  3. Nightmares and sleep disturbances
  4. Irrational fears
  5. Recurrent and involuntary memories of the trauma
  6. Depression and negative thoughts or mood
  7. Social detachment or isolation
  8. Being easily startled
  9. Self-destructive behaviors
  10. Feelings of guilt and shame


These symptoms can intensify when you least expect it, and the effects of PTSD can make it difficult to work, engage in activities you enjoy, or even leave the house in some situations.

It is important for people who are having trouble recovering from a traumatic event to seek medical help. Psychiatric and psychological treatment can help many people with PTSD, though this treatment is costly and takes time. If you developed PTSD from an experience while working overseas as a defense contractor, you should file a claim for DBA benefits to cover your treatment costs and lost income.

Getting DBA Benefits

Many employers and insurance companies are quick to challenge claims for PTSD. Last year, the U.S. Court of Appeals found in favor of benefits for a linguist who worked for the military in Iraq for two years. The case, Global Linguist Solutions, LLC v. Abdulraouf Abdelmeged, held that he could not work due to his psychiatric condition that developed during his work in Iraq, and he was entitled to disability benefits among others. This is one example of how difficult it might be to prevail in a DBA claim for PTSD, as you might need to take the case to court. 

Learn How Experienced DBA Attorneys Can Help You

The Mara Law Firm fights for the DBA benefits clients deserve. Contact us online or call (619) 234-2833 to discuss how our DBA attorneys can assist in your case.

  • I remember screaming at a dear friend of mine saying, “WHY WON’T THE INSURANCE COVER MY TREATMENT!” He said, “…because they know if they do it will increase your settlement.” I said, “WHAT SETTLEMENT! I JUST WANT TO GET TREATMENT! I DIDN’T ASK FOR A SETTLEMENT!” Somewhere I found out that for some insurance companies they are more concerned with protecting their money. This means you are thinking about treatment and getting better while they are thinking about money. Get someone that is on your side that will fight for you. They fought for me…and won.

    Mara Law Firm ClientSan Francisco

  • He represented myself and many old CO-workers. They were very professional & I’d recommend them to anyone. Great Lawyers for the forgotten working man.

    ScottSan Francisco

  • I would definitely recommend David and really appreciated all the hard work he contributed. David really went the extra mile to help his customers. We were very happy and satisfied with his services. Thank you David!

    Mara Law Firm ClientSan Francisco

  • Mr. Mara was a pleasure to work with. He kept me in the loop. Can’t say enough how good it feels to have someone fighting for you, giving you a voice.

    AlbertSan Francisco

  • I was blown away by the results my case got. It far exceeded my expectations. Not only do you get someone who is a great professional; but he will fight for what you deserve. I was uncertain in the beginning; now I’m a believer. Mr. Mara is also personable. Lisa his paralegal was tremendous throughout the whole process. She would keep me updated on the whole process. Don’t cheat yourself by using anyone else; you will be taken care of the right way if you choose Dave

    Jerome HarrisSan Francisco

  • Mr. Mara and his firm helped me file a claim for death benefits on behalf of my late husband. I was very pleased with his knowledge, research, and representation regarding my DBA claim for death benefits. I would absolutely recommend him and its associates to my friends, family, and others needing an attorney who specializes in employment, personal injury, and death benefits. Mr. Mara was very compassionate, timely, and responsive to my family’s needs. I can’t thank him enough.

    Sally A ChandSan Francisco

  • Dave Mara  did an outstanding job on my DBA case. Dave I personally want to thank you for guiding me in the right direction and having a successful case outcome. God bless you for all the effort you put into my DBA case. Words can’t describe how thankful I am. Thank you for helping injured over seas contractors.

    Jim Joned San Francisco

  • Mr. Mara and his staff were very professional and I would highly recommend Mr. Mara. Mr. Mara had my best interests in settling my case and I am very appreciative of all he and his staff did for me. If I ever needed help or had simple questions, Mr. Mara and his staff were always available to take my calls and help me. Highly recommend this firm!

    DebSan Francisco

  • Dave Mara  comes with a very high recommendation. He took a workmans compensation case for me and really handled it well. It was an unclear case, and a new issue that the WC most likely had never seen. He kept me up to date with the long confusing process and was very understanding and sympathetic to my plight( I was the victim of a violent crime). Dave has no big lawyer shenanigans and dramatic posing, he is a down to earth, fair , honest hard working lawyer who really does not seem like an an attorney at all. I recommend anyone in the SD area to consult with Dave it was a painless process.

    Linda DSan Francisco

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