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If you are working on a U.S. military base overseas or in another type of civilian defense contractor position, chances are you get exposed to hazards on the job. Some hazards can cause physical trauma, while others might cause less visible – though just as serious – conditions. One of these is hearing loss. 

If you suffered hearing loss while working on foreign soil for U.S. defense purposes, you should receive proper benefits from the Defense Base Act (DBA). However, this is easier said than done for a condition like hearing loss. Always speak with a Defense Base Act attorney for hearing loss injuries about your claim. 

Work-Related Hearing Problems

As jobs become noisier and noisier, work-related hearing loss is becoming more and more common. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) can result from many types of jobs, especially those involving the construction or military industries. There are also other risks that can cause severe hearing damage and lead to a DBA case

Hearing loss on the job can happen in different ways:

  • Noise-related hearing loss – This results from regular exposure to loud noises or acute exposure to one very loud event, such as an explosion. This can cause sensorineural hearing loss, which damages the nerves in the ears, leading to lessened hearing abilities. 
  • Chemical exposure – Exposure to ototoxic chemicals, including medications, nitriles, or solvents, can cause ear damage, which makes your ears more sensitive to loud noises and increases the chances of sensorineural hearing loss from noise exposure. Simultaneous ototoxic chemical exposure and noise exposure can cause serious hearing problems.
  • Traumatic injury – Getting an object lodged in the ear or suffering a serious traumatic head injury can both lead to hearing loss. This often results in mixed hearing loss, which is a combination of sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss, which stems from damage to the middle or outer ear. 
  • Tinnitus – Commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” tinnitus can actually be a debilitating condition for many people. This can result from ear injuries or other environmental conditions on the job. 

In addition to hearing loss, many people with ear or head injuries can experience a lack of balance, dizziness, vertigo, and other serious symptoms of the loss of equilibrium. 

Proving Your DBA Claim

If you have serious hearing issues or ear injuries from your job, the resulting DBA claim can be complicated. You need to demonstrate that the hearing loss stemmed from your job conditions, whether it happened due to one incident or over time. If your hearing loss developed gradually, it can be difficult to provide which job site was responsible for the hearing loss due to hazardous noise levels. You always want the right legal help for these challenging claims.

Consult a Defense Base Act Attorney for Hearing Loss Injuries

The Mara Law Firm represents defense workers who need medical treatment and cannot work due to hearing loss. If you would like to discuss your situation with a Defense Base Act attorney for hearing loss injuries, call (619) 234-2833 or contact us online.

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    AlbertSan Francisco

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    Jerome HarrisSan Francisco

  • Mr. Mara and his firm helped me file a claim for death benefits on behalf of my late husband. I was very pleased with his knowledge, research, and representation regarding my DBA claim for death benefits. I would absolutely recommend him and its associates to my friends, family, and others needing an attorney who specializes in employment, personal injury, and death benefits. Mr. Mara was very compassionate, timely, and responsive to my family’s needs. I can’t thank him enough.

    Sally A ChandSan Francisco

  • Dave Mara  did an outstanding job on my DBA case. Dave I personally want to thank you for guiding me in the right direction and having a successful case outcome. God bless you for all the effort you put into my DBA case. Words can’t describe how thankful I am. Thank you for helping injured over seas contractors.

    Jim Joned San Francisco

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    DebSan Francisco

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    Linda DSan Francisco

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