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California Employment Lawyer

The California employment lawyers at Mara Law Firm help employees learn their rights when it comes to their jobs and will gladly stand up for those rights in the courtroom. Our attorneys are fully aware of and understand the laws surrounding employment and what goes on in the workplace. We have represented clients through various forms of litigation. Therefore, whether you pursue a court hearing or settlement negotiation, you are in good hands with our legal team.

You must know that not every employment concern will lead to a viable claim. Therefore, you should schedule a meeting to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer with experience in these matters. A California employment lawyers can help you file your claim and assist you with every step.

What Can a California Employment Lawyer Do for You?

When sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or other instances happen at work, you may not know where to turn or what to do next. We can assist you with the process and explain the legal options that you may have. Our California employment attorneys understand that employees depend on their jobs for a good life, and employers sometimes take advantage of this. Call Mara Law Firm today for free legal advice if you are unsure about your case.

According to the Department of Industrial Relations Labor Enforcement Task Force, all workers have rights, such as rest and meal breaks, safe and healthy jobs, benefits if injured or unemployed, minimum wage and overtime, and taking action without being punished. Your employer may not want you to know that you have these basic rights, but we will ensure you can use them to support your argument.

Our lawyers take these cases seriously and will guide you through all the hurdles as the case proceeds. We have the training, expertise, and experience needed to win your case, and we are always ready to stand behind our clients to ensure their voices are heard.

When Should You Hire a California Employment Lawyer?

You should hire a California employment attorney as soon as possible. We understand that you have a lot to deal with, but time may pass you by if you continue to wait. When determining how long you have to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against your employer, the answer is that it depends on what type of case you have.

For example, if your case deals with harassment, retaliation, or discrimination, you have one year after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) gives you a right to sue notice. If your employer failed to pay you, you have three years since you did not receive your payment. When it comes to breaches, you have two years if it is a breach of an oral contract and four years if it is a breach of a written contract.

The sooner you talk to an employment lawyer, the quicker you can determine if you have a valid case, figure out your options, and even hold your employer accountable for their actions against you. We will ensure justice is served, so call us at your earliest opportunity. As soon as you do, we will look at all the facts surrounding your case, build a strong case against your employer and prepare to fight for your rights.

Best Employment Lawyers in California

Mara Law Firm takes great pride in how we handle our client’s cases. We have devoted many years to standing up for employees in California who have experienced unfair treatment from their employers, including unpaid wages, break and meal violations, unpaid overtime, unfair business practices, and more. Our team of attorneys has shown true dedication and commitment to winning cases on behalf of our clients. We have won over tens of millions of dollars for our California workers.

David Mara is our founder. He is a proud member of the Consumer Attorneys of California. He is often selected to give briefs to show his support for workers in the California Supreme Court and California Courts of Appeal. Regarding the different cases Mr. Mara has been involved in, one of his proudest ones was Brinker Restaurant v. Superior Court. In this case, he stood up for employees being given the right to meal and rest breaks in California, which he won. This was a big moment for our firm and the state of California.

Our firm was founded by a true gem. We are committed to ensuring that any employee who walks through our doors or contacts us on the telephone is treated with respect and fairness. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your employer is held accountable if they have treated you wrongly.

Types of Employment Cases We Have Handled in California

An employment lawsuit may arise when an individual is treated unfairly at work. The following are several of the different types of employment cases we have handled:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Wage and hour law
  • Workplace harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Family and medical leave law
  • Employee privacy
  • Equal pay violations
  • Employment contracts
  • Employers taking advantage of immigrants
  • Whistleblowing

As you can see, there are many different ways that employees experience issues with their employers, which may lead to needing a skilled employment attorney. Some of California’s most common employment lawsuits are independent contractor misclassifications, the employer not paying for work, and final check violations. While some cases take more work, our attorneys know and understand that every case is unique. We are willing, ready, and prepared to take on any type of employment case that you bring to us.

Legal Protections You Should Know About

Many of our clients do not realize they can get help when their employer has treated them wrongly. However, we are here to let you know that several laws have been put in place to protect employees across the United States. Below, we will list a few of these federal protections for your convenience:

In addition, California has employee-friendly laws, including:

If you believe you have been treated unfairly and that these federal laws protect your rights, contact an employment lawyer at Mara Law Firm. We will investigate and determine if you have a successful case.

Contact a California Employment Lawyer at Mara Law Firm Today

If you have experienced any negative encounters with your employer or workplace, Mara Law Firm will listen to all the details of your case. Our attorneys are professional, caring, and compassionate, as we understand that you are going through a very frustrating time in your life. We will give you our full attention while you explain the full story of what happened. Afterward, we will tell you the best legal strategy we think you should pursue and ensure that you comprehend each option.Contact our office to speak with one of the top California employment lawyers today to schedule a free consultation. We are based in San Diego, but we happily assist clients throughout California. Your rights at work are protected by state and federal laws. If they have been violated, you need a reputable and experienced employment law attorney on your side.

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    • He represented myself and many old CO-workers. They were very professional & I’d recommend them to anyone. Great Lawyers for the forgotten working man.

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    • I would definitely recommend David and really appreciated all the hard work he contributed. David really went the extra mile to help his customers. We were very happy and satisfied with his services. Thank you David!

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    • Mr. Mara was a pleasure to work with. He kept me in the loop. Can’t say enough how good it feels to have someone fighting for you, giving you a voice.

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    • I was blown away by the results my case got. It far exceeded my expectations. Not only do you get someone who is a great professional; but he will fight for what you deserve. I was uncertain in the beginning; now I’m a believer. Mr. Mara is also personable. Lisa his paralegal was tremendous throughout the whole process. Sh...

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    • Mr. Mara and his firm helped me file a claim for death benefits on behalf of my late husband. I was very pleased with his knowledge, research, and representation regarding my DBA claim for death benefits. I would absolutely recommend him and its associates to my friends, family, and others needing an attorney who specializes in ...

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    • Dave Mara  did an outstanding job on my DBA case. Dave I personally want to thank you for guiding me in the right direction and having a successful case outcome. God bless you for all the effort you put into my DBA case. Words can’t describe how thankful I am. Thank you for helping injured over seas contractors.

      Jim Joned San Francisco

    • Mr. Mara and his staff were very professional and I would highly recommend Mr. Mara. Mr. Mara had my best interests in settling my case and I am very appreciative of all he and his staff did for me. If I ever needed help or had simple questions, Mr. Mara and his staff were always available to take my calls and help me. Highly re...

      DebSan Francisco

    • Dave Mara  comes with a very high recommendation. He took a workmans compensation case for me and really handled it well. It was an unclear case, and a new issue that the WC most likely had never seen. He kept me up to date with the long confusing process and was very understanding and sympathetic to my plight( I was the victim...

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